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At The Cereal School, we're dedicated to making the best tasting cereal in the world (that also happens to be good for you!). But don't just take our word for it...see for yourself why people love our cereals.

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Low Carb Cereal

Hits the spot! Has the crunch I miss in my low carb diet!


You can’t beat the macro profile. It’s not going to have the flavor of the name brands but those have a ton of sugar & calories without the protein content. If you’re someone who needs a high protein sweet, this is the cereal for you.

Good stuff

It's helping me loose weight!!

I liked it

Love it

I absolutely love it!!! Hope you will come out with more flavors in the future!!!

I’m addicted

Amazed I’m able to enjoy the crunchy breakfast cereal experience again I’ve been missing for so long! Yum

Surprised! And happy to have cereal again. Thank you

Hallelujah! I can finally have cereal again!

This cereal is my new bff! The first time I tried it, I wasn’t expecting much, but it was actually good! The fruity flavor reminds me of my favorite childhood cereal! I wait to try the cinnamon flavor next!

Wooooow Cinnamon Bun!

I have absolutely loved my journey with Keto, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss any foods from my pre-keto days. Cereal is one of the biggest food I've missed, and Cereal School's Cinnamon Bun has given me that back! It's absolutely delicious and smells just like Cinnamon French Toast Cereal! With a bag of cinnamon bun cereal and cashew milk, I feel like I get to indulge again without having to feel guilty. I'll definitely be purchasing this again and again!

Thank you, Cereal School! :)


The cereal was delicious, loved the individual Package also.

The Cereal School

Nice Concept

We haven’t kept any sort of so-called cereal in our house for years and was sold on the concept. However, we didn’t care for this AT ALL. Even our resident “Mikey” couldn’t stomach it. There was an odd flavor and after taste. The crunch was the only positive. Having bought two boxes, we didn’t even finish one bag in a family of 5. Nice concept but not there yet. We were disappointed and have all this wasted product which does not sit well with us.


This cereal is awesome. It has no business tasting this good for being so high-protein and low-sugar. Already blowing through our first order - hope they keep it well stocked because we will be ordering again very soon!! :)

At last

Haven’t had cereal in two years! Guilt free and tastes great

A little piece of Heaven in the world of Keto

Wow... Nice job guy's. I eat a bag or two daily when i need to add an extra 16 or 32 grams of protein without all the poison. Good job mimicking many people's favorites. I love em. Thanks so much!!!

New Breakfast fav

I was totally surprised by the taste of both flavors.

Pretty good

The taste and texture were good. It satisfies a craving for cereal. However it’s really just a snack size, this is definitely not going to fill you up for a meal with the given serving size. For the actual volume of food you get, it is really expensive. I hope the price comes down as the company grows because for the price it would not be a frequent purchase for me.
I’m glad I tried it and was pleased with the nutrition content. No upset stomach because there’s no sugar alcohols!

Great macros followed by a great crunch

I figured out a way to make the cereal slightly sweeter without compromising macros. I added some of my pre-mixed vanilla protein shake into The Cereal School as a milk substitute & it taste even better! Great product! Thanks!

Very good cereal with zero sugar

Love the cereal will definitely purchase again

Kills the craving.... : )

These are very good dry, totally kills the cereal craving when munching on a bag while having coffee. Being on Keto, the cinnamon flavor helped get me through a movie, while everyone else could eat popcorn. It would be great if you could make a “snack” version that tasted like popcorn... hint, hint ; ). I did try them with some almond milk but I liked them better dry, plus easier to eat at work that way. Thx for helping me stay on Keto!

Filling but preferred cinnamon

The cereal is in fact filling but I thought cinnamon was much tastier. All my new boxes will be cinnamon only!


Great! Expensive....

I’m a cereal fanatic but understand that most cereals aren’t part of a healthy diet. I’ve been wanting some cereal so bad and since I’m eating low carb, these are perfect. Granted, these aren’t as flavorful as a sugar packed cereal but I’m realistic. I enjoy these very much a d would buy more if they weren’t so pricey.

My only issue would be the price. $2.50 for a cup of cereal is very expensive considering you can get an entire box of cereal for a dollar more.

Enjoy cereal without the sugar. Especially on road trips!

I received my first order about a week ago. I ordered the mutli-pack that includes both the cinnamon and the fruity flavors. Very tasty! The taste and texture are different than "standard" cereals, but it grows on you. I've had each flavor individually and that was good. I also mixed the flavors for a 200-calorie cereal meal and that was excellent.

But, a great way to enjoy this cereal is as a dry snack, especially on long road trips. A perfect snack for driving. No mess, great taste, and satisfies hunger very well.


It is like eating cereal without the guilt!!!



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