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At The Cereal School, we're dedicated to making the best tasting cereal in the world (that also happens to be good for you!). But don't just take our word for it...see for yourself why people love our cereals.

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Life saver

This cereal is exactly what I needed. I tend to overdo it if I buy a box of cereal at the grocery store so I don’t buy it at all anymore. This has been the perfect replacement for the sugary stuff I used to snack on!

Cereasly Awesome

Struggle with Glutens, and try to count calories and my husband does Keto so this order was a perfect household fit!

Great cereal

This is a very tasty snack!!! It stays crunchy and it fills my needing sweets void!!!! Love this

For what it is, can’t complain! Macros are Excellent!!! Far as the taste goes, it’s Doable for me.

Was surprised

I being on keto, miss my cereal. This filled the void. Thank you

Diabetic Cereal

Love it love it love it. My son is Diabetic and I could never find a cereal that didn’t spike his blood sugar. Along cane Cereal School. Now he can have cereal for breakfast or snack. Thank you.

Great cereal

Love it! Crunchy and delicious

The Cereal School


I loved it. Doesn’t taste like POST or Kellogg’s nor did I expect it to but one serving of yours plus 1/4-1/2 serving of my favorite regular cereal saves the day. Especially being a rookie competitive NPC figure competitor during my prep. I also enjoy drizzle a little bit of Walden Farms caramel sauce on it with some almond milk and BOOM - sweet and crunchy craving is gone!

The Cereal School

Cereal review

I enjoyed these crunchy little cereal bites, only think I could wish for was that there was more :)


Delicious cereal, great crunch! Can't believe a low-carb cereal is so good!

just very hard and crunchy

Super Good!

I got the cinnamon bun flavor - it really hit the spot! It is a tad too sweet for me though, so I mix a little but of nut butter into the milk and also add raw slivered almonds for an extra "bite". I also like my cereal a little soggy and this cereal takes longer to absorb the milk than store bought cereal, so I let it sit in the fridge for a few minutes before eating it. I'm excited to try the other flavor!

Good Cereal !!!!

I like ‘The Cereal’ very much. I have it for Breakfast & sometimes as a TV snack too. You hit on a Winner. 🏆


It would be dishonest of me to say this is a perfect healthy replacement for my favorite cereals, but it tastes delicious knowing that I'm making nutritious decisions. Would love to try other flavors! I did need to add more cinnamon for a yummy flavor boost.

The Hype is REAL

After being Keto for 2 years now, one thing I truly miss is cereal. Not anymore! I have tried other Keto friendly 'cereal' and have always been disappointed. When I saw all the hype behind this cereal I thought it was too real to be true, IT'S NOT! It is unbelievably good! The fruity is my favorite and tastes like Trix to me. The Cinnamon bun is also GREAT! Love from first bite! Now if they can just keep up with the demand, I need more now! GREAT PRODUCT!

So yummy!

My entire childhood I ate cereal for breakfast. With me changing how I eat, cereal was definitely cut from my diet. I am SO HAPPY that I was able to try this cereal and not feel guilty for eating it. It's so good! I want to try the fruity kind next.

Love it

I really missed cereal on a low carb diet. I ordered the cinnamon cereal and it was delicious. I eat it with almond milk and really satisfied my craving for crunchy cereal. Just ordered my second box.


I have no idea how they make this but, let me just say, it’s MAGIC ✨ It is seriously the most deliciously healthy snacks ever! I can’t wait to buy more! Yay for feeling like a kid again & eating like one, too! Now without having to worry about it going to my waist!

Cinnamon bun

It taste great.

Best cereal ever! Love it, Love it!

I had been in search of a cereal without all the sugar and additives and just found heaven.

Yummy, yummy!

It's so nice to have cereal again! I bought a sample box but I'm definitely digging the fruity flavor more. The cinnamon bun one is good, but it reminds me a maple syrup and I'm not a huge fan of syrup. I'll eat them all with a smile on my face nonetheless!

Loved it.

Being a diabetic both hubby and I, we loved it. I even just open a bag and eat dry. It makes a great snack.


I love cereal and I have to say I’m sooo happy I found the cereal school! I make a protien almond milk to have with the cereal. Just perfect!



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