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At The Cereal School, we're dedicated to making the best tasting cereal in the world (that also happens to be good for you!). But don't just take our word for it...see for yourself why people love our cereals.

Based on 4609 reviews
The taste is really great

I've had the Fruity and now the Cocoa. I got it because I'm Keto and the total carb count is 1g of carbs for the bag which is fantastic for a serving. For me, really it's the taste, the texture, and just the fact that it's pre-measured already, so you get automatic portion control. The taste is really great because it doesn't give you an uber crazy sweet hit. That crunch is something you miss sometimes when you're on Keto, and the Cereal School definitely delivers.

Thanks so much for sharing your review, Mike! So glad we could bring cereal back for you on Keto!
It's delicious!

Fruity flavor is delicious!

Hi Bailey, thanks so much for letting us know you love the Fruity! We love you back :)
Perfect sweet tooth craving solution

At the time I was prepping for a bodybuilding show that was in May and I was searching for different products that were low carb but fulfilled that sweet tooth need that I had. It tastes GREAT. This with some almond, it's completely fulfilled that sweet tooth need. I've taken these guys to the airport, and they're just convenient to pack. The prep has ended, I'm not really competing in any more shows right now, and really it's just part of my daily life. Breakfast, snack, after dinner, or I had one today I took to work and just threw in my bag and it just fit in whatever my macros are. Best part is, you can scan this guy right into My Fitness Pal so it's easy to track that way. Customer service is superior to any other company I've dealt with. Highly recommend the Cereal School!

Thanks so much for your review Marshall! Glad we could be there for you every step of the way.
Tastes like cocoa puffs & fruity pebbles

Found the Cereal school on FB and bought because I'm trying to cut carbs and sugar. The cocoa tastes like cocoa puffs and fruit one reminds me of fruity pebbles. Definitely satisfies the crunchy craving and a few of my coworkers got some too! I now always make sure to keep a bag or two in my purse and it keeps me from cheating!

Thanks for your review, Lori, and for spreading the sweet word to your coworkers! You're awesome :)
Love it

I eat them every day! I’m addicted! So good, so portable! Such a great breakfast or snack

Thanks for your review Amanda! Excited for you to try some new flavors in the future too!
Best cereal EVER!

I can finally have cereal again! When I am doing a weight cut, it can be difficult to have treats that don't use up all of my precious carbs! So thank goodness for The Cereal School! Now I can have cereal and stay on track!!

Thanks for being one of our #1 fans, Courtney! You're awesome :)
My new favorite!

I'm so thankful I discovered this. The Cereal School is truly magic. This is the perfect snack or quick meal, with great macros and the delicious flavors of cereals I haven't had in years. Plus, the protein keeps me full for hours. Can't recommend Cereal School enough!

Thanks for your review Greg, and for being a great longtime customer!
So amazing

I have been eating them every morning and I'm in love.

Thanks so much for your review Christina! Happy we could start our day with you too!

I will order other flavors it’s good

It's good. I eat it for dessert with a little half and half and powdered peanut butter. the Cinnamon Bun could use more cinnamon.

Excellent alternative to cereal

Even my 1 1/2 yr old loves it ! I love how it keeps me full longer and the peanut butter is the best flavor by far ! I like to mix the chocolate with the peanut butter for a not so naughty treat !

Great Low Carb Cereal

How nice to have the option of cereal again with my low carb lifestyle!

My review

I have only tried two flavors so far. Both cookies & cream and berry have great flavor and crunch. They can be eaten right out of the bag, or with unsweetened almond milk for a very low carb meal. I will be trying some other flavors soon.


Fruit and cookies & cream are pretty decent but berries and cinnamon bun aren’t great.

No Carb Cereal

Love the cereal! I have enjoyed being able to have cereal again for breakfast. The cost is the only negative.

Gastric bypass

I enJoy the different flavors it’s nice to have options. I had gastric bypass surgery so my options are limited.

Life Saver for a Cereal Killer!

So happy that i found this amazing cereal!!! i cld eat cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner and night time snack! 15 weeks in to keto i was missing my lucky charms and all the other sugary cereals i used to eat...... Thank You Cereal School for Saving my Life! lol

Fruity & Berries

So far I like Fruity and Berries flavors the best

Loved the cereal

You have to try this amazing cereal!!

It's pricey, but worth it!! Its crunchy, doesn't get soggy, and it tastes surprisingly good. I would recommend this cereal for people who have to diet or want a healthy alternative to highly processed and sugary cereals.

I really like the cereal, I would definitely reccomend, my only issue, very minor, is it's a little too sweet for my liking but the crunch and flavor are spot on

I look forward to it every day

When I first received the boxes, I was excited to try it. I combined a package of the peanut butter and cookies and cream in one bowl with some unsweetened almond milk. It wasn’t amazing. It just wasn’t what I was expecting.
The next day it was much better.
I was no longer expecting Cookie Crisp topped with peanut butter.
At 245 calories and no carbs, the scale keeps looking better and it truly feels like a treat.
I went from thinking I had wasted money, to deciding how much to reorder.
Thanks guys!


To be 100% honest, I was totally sold from the first bowl. The texture was different and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, the second bowl was better and the third better. I work on a busy unit in a hospital so the individual portion bags are great for means the cereal never gets stale. I’ll be buying again, for sure

Good cereal and customer service!

Great source of protein and easy low carb, low cal snack. The peanut butter is my favorite! When I tried another flavor and didn’t like it they refunded me! The customer service was fast and very helpful.

Peanut Butter was pretty good but..

Cookies and cream was not very tasty. Peanut butter with almond milk is a solid 5 stars. This replaced my snacks and really made it effortless to cut fat in my weekly grind. Dropped 3 lbs in a week just by adding this to my day