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Only 100 Calories per Bag
Low Carb & Keto (1 WW SmartPoint®)
Gluten & Grain Free
All-Natural (No Artificial Sweeteners or Colors)

Good For You Can Also Be FUN.

We missed our childhood cereals - but not the sugar or carbs. So we made a high-protein, gluten-free cereal with only 1g of carbs. Crunch into guilt-free nostalgia!

The Tastes You Remember.
(Minus The Bad Stuff.)

Cereal is usually high carb, 0 protein, and drowning in sugar. So even after a giant bowl, your energy crashes and you’re hungry again. Until us! We made the tasty flavors of yesterday with nutritional facts that prove you’re a responsible adult.
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What People Are Saying About The Cereal School:

3200+ Reviews. 4.8 Stars

“We love it for breakfast or even a late-night snack. Not like the soggy stuff. It’s CRUNCHY!”

We’re Lighthearted About Most Things. Not Food Safety.

Made in the USA, our baked (never fried) cereal is produced in an NSF and Safe Quality Food-certified facility. Routine third-party microbial tests guarantee the same high quality ingredients and flavor profile in every bag. Childhood delights are back - without the mystery ingredients.

Snacktime Just Got A Major Upgrade

1 Bowl of Cereal vs 1 Protein Bar

Sure, protein bars are easy. But also boring. Our high-protein, low-carb keto cereal isn’t just delicious - it comes in convenient 100-calorie individual bags. Meet your (and your kids’!) new favorite on-the-go snack.
1g Carbs and 0 Sugar
22g Carbs and 14g Sugar

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Mealtime. Snacktime. Anytime.

Pour your favorite milk straight into the bag. Or grab a dry handful and crunch away. There’s no one right way to do delicious.
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